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Describes the structure of the network power meter
Author:admin Published on:2014-12-25 16:55:17

Network Power Meter with easy installation, wiring is simple, easy maintenance, engineering, field programmable set of input parameters, etc., can be completed with industry PLC, industrial computer group network communication. Power Meter is the use of modern microprocessor technology and AC sampling technology designed into the series of network power meter, product design fully consider the cost effectiveness, intelligence and reliability. Network Power Meter description:


1, easy installation, simple wiring, small quantities;

2, Network Power Meter can be set arbitrarily PT / CT transformation ratio;

3, the network power meter displays a scrollable set;

4, multi-meter can be set to a different address blocks;

5. Network Power Meter can access signals directly from current and voltage transformer;

6. Display: three rows of LED display, high visibility;

7, I / O switch, relay alarm output, 4 ~ 20mA analog functions such as modular design;

8, communication access SCADA, PLC systems; software can communicate with a variety of industry;

9. Application: Suitable for all kinds of line circuits, large capacity with a complete electrical circuit monitoring and management of electrical parameters

10, four-quadrant energy metering, time billing, maximum demand records and statistical power of 12 months;

11, measurement: positive and negative active energy, reactive energy inductive capacitive, LED or blue backlit LCD display, high visibility;

12. Expansion: access signals directly from current and voltage transformers, field programmable set of input parameters ratio

13. Network Power Meter is the use of a dedicated power failure protection circuitry in case of loss of power, data storage is not lost, after power is restored, continue to operate;

14. Network Power Meter is the use of MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, to achieve LED display and remote RS-485 digital communications.

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