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Talk about the three-phase smart meter monitoring system
Author:admin Published on:2014-12-25 16:53:47

Three-phase smart meter for distributed detection transformers, generators, capacitor combination, motors, on-site monitoring of the power grid, automatic control system display. Smart meter is the basis of domestic and imported products in the digestion technology, according to China for the operation of electrical equipment and computer monitoring requirements of intelligent design.


Phase intelligent ammeter for our mining industry, building automation, civil and other first for a high-performance distribution system automation instruments. While the grid voltage, frequency, current, and now power, energy, power and other measurements, but also has a battery tested, can be converted into a four-way or two-way pulse output function.


Phase intelligent ammeter to measure and display the three-phase voltage, phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, active power and reactive power, electric power energy value as secondary measurement of internal assessment, used for accounting, valuation measurement without the need to pay before use. Three-phase smart meter is an ideal device for power quality monitoring, but also a comprehensive set of integrated power monitoring instrumentation, communication interface meter is linked to a computer network monitoring center is dedicated to the 50 / 60hz power supply system parameters of a comprehensive collection .

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